Financing Regenerative Agriculture

Important Announcement: The 2015 Carbon Farming Course has been cancelled.  Please contact with any questions.  Thank you!

Agriculture is the foundation for a living local economy.  Agriculture is the fundamental process that transforms soil, story water, and sunlight into the basic means of survival and economic abundance.  Much of the current global financial system does not understand this basic reality.  However, a small and growing network of farmers, investors, and entrepreneurs is quickly creating systemic change, and developing new pathways for financing regenerative agriculture. These world-changing organizations who participated in the 2012 conference include:

Financing Regenerative Agriculture is a participatory one-day conference that brings these networks together.  In the midst of the multi-disciplinary Carbon Farming Course, Financing Regenerative Agriculture allows farmers, landowners, and researchers to share their latest thinking and strategize with the entrepreneurs, investors, and foundation representatives who manage significant flows of financial capital in our current system.  With funders, producers, and consumers of agricultural goods all at the table, this conference is an action-packed exercise in associative economics.  The conference includes a series of presentations, panels, small-group breakouts, and cross-pollination discussions, capped off by whole-group plenaries and strategic planning sessions. Financing Regenerative Agriculture Connections

Details of the 2015 Financing Regenerative Agriculture conference to come soon. Please see the below schedule from the 2012 conference for an outline of what to expect.



Previous Conference Schedule: Carbon Farming 2012 

8:00am – Registration & Networking 9:00am Introduction & Framing 9:15am Plenary 1 – New Paradigms for Finance

10:00am Breakout 1 (Same speakers take questions) 10:20am BREAK

10:40am Concurrent Workshops 1 – Innovative Approaches to…

11:15am Open Space

12:30 Lunch

1:30pm Plenary 2 – Carbon Markets and Beyond

2:15pm Breakout 2 (Same speakers take questions)

2:35pm BREAK

3:00pm Plenary 3 – Investing for Regeneration

4:00pm Breakout 2 (Same speakers take questions)

4:15pm Action Planning & Next Steps

4:55pm Closing by Ethan

5:00pm END