Holistic Management & Grazing

Important Announcement: The 2015 Carbon Farming Course has been cancelled.  Please contact info@carbonfarmingcourse.com with any questions.  Thank you!

Greg Judy will lead this workshop covering all topics involved in setting up a profitable holistic grazing operation from scratch. You will learn how to monitor proper grazing treatments, soil building techniques, drought strategies, animal performance, economical water strategies, and so much more.

By focusing on the whole, we can manage our farms in sync with nature. We can heal our soils, watersheds and our livelihood with holistic management grazing practices, managing land, livestock, wildlife, and people together as a whole system.  Developing a healthy farm landscape can produce financial profits while sequestering carbon and bolstering the web of interconnected ecosystem services that we rely upon.

At Green Pastures Farm in central Missouri, Greg and Jan Judy use holistic, high-density planned grazing to pasture cows, cow/calf pairs, bred heifers, horses, and stockers. Greg is convinced that there is no better way to get into the grazing business then to lease fallow land, employ high density grazing, and use other people’s livestock to do it. Since switching from Management Intensive Grazing to Holistic High Density Grazing 3 years ago, the results have been breathtaking.The Judy’s use no lime, no fertilizer, no seeding, no chemicals, and no equipment.

Instead, the Judy’s focus on increasing animal density, trampling plants to form the litter bank, animal performance, and long grass recovery periods between grazing. Plant diversity has exploded along with increased grass quantity each successive year combined with increased profit.

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