Keyline Farming

Important Announcement: The 2015 Carbon Farming Course has been cancelled.  Please contact with any questions.  Thank you!

Abe Collins & Mark Krawczyk will take participants through a soup-to-nuts participatory workshop outlining the Keyline soil improvement process and Keyline landscape design. Abe & Mark will cover Keyline from landscape design to earthworks management to soil improvement, with illustrations from his experience and hands-on exercises.

Abe Collins - Keyline Farming

Keyline Farming is an integrated approach to broadscale farm design and management, developed in Australia from the 1940’s to early 1980’s by the late P.A. Yeomans.  Yeomans’ approach emphasized soil building and innovative water harvesting, with the resultant soils becoming the largest reservoir of water in a landscape.

5-Shank Keyline Plow

The Keyline of a landscape refers to the contour that runs through the change in slope in a primary valley known as the ‘Keypoint’. Running parallel with this line, plowlines or tree lines encourage water movement (both runoff and run-through) towards the adjacent primary ridges, increasing whole slope hydration and improving production.

Keyline’s importance today has only increased as 7 billion people depend on 5 billion hectares of agricultural land of declining fertility. Understanding Keyline Farming is crucial to understanding how to develop permanent, regenerative agricultural landscapes.


The workshop is an intensive blend of technical & practical sessions targeted at farmers, professional land managers, consultants, designers, earth movers and anyone with a strong interest in sustainable land management and soil creation.  The workshop will fully outline all of the principles and techniques involved with the modern application of Keyline Farming.